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SAN RUBBER, in its environmental and social policy, wants to be exempt from any regulatory and legal reproaches in the measures taken for the management of resources.

It has been this way for 4 years, the company has given itself the means to afford an industrial site of more than 17 ha. These provisions make it possible to minimize its ecological footprint by giving it enough space to allow nature to self-regenerate.

Several strategic choices were made, namely:

  • The option of treating ponds using a natural lagoon system, without the use of products
  • The use of air extractors at the level of the dryers, to minimize pollution of the air.

Likewise, In order to continue its eco-responsibility approach, SAN RUBBER intends to improve its ecological impact by reforesting 1.5 ha around its lagoon basin to preserve biodiversity and reduce CO 2in the factory environment.

The green belt project was carried out over 11,963 m2., taking into account six (6) different tree species (TIAMA, TECK, MERINA, MIRABEL, KOKOMA, COCONUT TREE). This project had the contribution and participation of all SAN RUBBER staff as well as the involvement of General Management.

With this project, we intend to increase our level of environmental commitment in the rubber industry in Ivory Coast. Indeed, SAN RUBBER intends to accentuate its CSR activities around its area of influence and even beyond in order to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the most disadvantaged and needy communities.