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Some resources and a team of experienced professionals.

SAN RUBBER is a Limited Company which factory was built in 2018.

After a lot of effort in investments. SAN RUBBER started purchasing raw materials in March 2018 to allow the factory to produce in April 2019. The first exports beganin May 2019.

Its production is made up of a pre-wash station of the raw material and a main machining line of 6 T/H of dry RUBBER.

The machinery was offered 100% by GOLSTA SDN. BHD, the leader in natural rubber manufacturing process

Billion Invested

Years of experience

Production Site

Employees and Farmers

The laboratory is also equipped with the most modern and most efficient equipment available on the market.

With its 2 dryers of 3T/HOUR each, the factory has got an annual potential machining of 38.000 T.


The SAN RUBBER company specialized in the transformation of the natural rubber into granules aims to be among the key actors an integrated quality management system (9001) and environment (14001).

These commitments imply on our part the implementation of integrated policies which can be divided into these following lines.

Put our expertise at the service of a production of quality.

Prioritize people’s security and health in the rubber world.


1. To use our expertise to ensure high-quality production


2. To make safety and health a top priority in our operations


3. To reduce the environmental impact of our activities


4. To promote positive change in our individual and collective behaviors

Certified ISO 9001:2015

The SAN RUBBER company has just earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification delivered by Bureau Veritas Morocco for its site headquarters (Abidjan) and factory (TOVADJI) carrying out coagulum purchasing, transformation and marketing activities of natural rubber for tire industries.

This certification of Bureau Veritas Morocco reinforces the international image of SAN RUBBER Ltd.


The world economy globalizes and that of natural rubber cannot be left behind. This economy is increasingly calling on global players to be more responsible.

The tire industry is the outlet that uses more than 95% of the granulated rubber produced. These industries are subject to sustainability and responsibility requirements by the automotive industry. Requirements forwarded to san rubber in turn.

In order to impact as little as possible the environment through our activity, SAN RUBBER goes toward its suppliers (planters and other suppliers of input production) with the same requirements.

In this general context costumers are increasingly demanding product quality and environmental responsibility.

This is why SAN RUBBER conducts its production operations with as little impact as possible on its environment.


TROPICORE Ltdthe partner exclusively in charge of the marketing of SAN RUBBER products.

SAN RUBBER Ltd is also

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction