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SAN RUBBER is pleased to announce that it has officially obtained Rubberway certification. , underscoring our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and ethical governance within the global rubber industry.

This prestigious certification marks an important milestone in our journey towards not only excellence in our operations, but also our dedication to a responsible supply chain. Rubberway certification demonstrates the sustainable practices we have integrated into all facets of our business – from sourcing to production to distribution.

SAN RUBBER's commitment to the Rubberway Protocol has involved rigorous assessments of our practices against the highest standards in environmental conservation, social equity and economic viability. The certification process meticulously verified our entire supply chain, ensuring compliance with rigorous criteria focused on labor rights, deforestation risk mitigation, biodiversity conservation and emissions reduction.

Obtaining Rubberway Certification is more than an endorsement of our current practices. It represents a commitment – a promise to continually seek improvement and innovation in sustainable practices. We are committed to not only meeting established standards, but exceeding them, ensuring we make a positive contribution to the environment and the communities we work with.